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0118 920 7040

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The UK Bladder Infection Centre is a centre of excellence, comprised of a specialist, multidisciplinary team of experts (including The Urology Partnership at The Forbury Clinic) within the field of urinary tract infections.  With multiple presentations and publications worldwide, we have a growing national and international reputation for diagnosing and treating recurrent urinary tract infections, (UTIs) in both men and women.


The team comprises:

6 Consultant Urologists, each with their own subspecialist interests which range from female uro-gynaecology, pelvic uro-oncology, benign bladder dysfunction, prostate cancer, urinary stone disease, bladder cancer, and andrology. There are 5 Specialist Nurses, a Consultant Microbiologist, Consultant Pain specialist, Laser Specialist, Consultant spinal specialist, & Specialist Pelvic Physiotherapist.

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To make an appointment ...



0118 920 7040



0118 920 7041



[email protected]



11, Kendrick Road, Reading, Berkshire


(NB Primary site of work and location of admin & nursing team)





Daily appointments:

11 Kendrick Road, Reading, Berkshire


Weekly appointments:

10 Harley Street, London


Just call us and we will let you know all our available times.


Please note that most specialist diagnostics and treatments are currently only available at our Kendrick Road specialist centre in Reading, Berkshire.



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Recurrant urinary tract infections are a chronic disease affecting a small but significant proportion of the population.  


When these infections get a hold, they can affect the quality of life for the patient and really knock a paitent's confidence.


We as a team specialise in urinary tract infections for men and women.  We have a multi-disciplinary approach which gives us the ability and time to look at alternative treatments (including the novel UTI vaccine, intra-vesical treatements and laser treatments), and tailor them to the individual needs of the patients.


We have published widely on new and innovative treatment options, and we are recognised nationally and internationally now, as a centre of excellence.


Success of Uromune

Success of UTI vaccine for Recurrent urinary tract infections  (resistant to antibiotic treatment)

Further Information 10 Harley Street Sign BJUI logo British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), Article published November 2017 NCBI PubMed Logo